Ada the first

As good as I was a player

I never scored one goal

This was because I always aimed to miss

My friends love these stories

Quick to strike like a viper

But I never let it hold

In and out before the lion return to its den

To my friends, 007 were my glories

The last days of the snail drew near

When it was left amidst salty waters

Was word came to warn me

I am too quick to get burnt, so I say

The calabash broke when I saw Ada

Her waist like an almost formed bronze pot

Fair skinned and bright smiles

Like an excited dog my tongue fell out

Just like my ways, I found a way

Now she seemed trapped in the charm

Oh this a good one this will last

Wait a second did I say last?

Worst of myself I made several attempts at goal

Trap between her legs that felt like heaven

Maybe it was her eyes that got me or her……

But something has trapped me here

Now we are looking for a time and period

Where did it go? I said

Check under the pillow now

I thought you said you saw it last month

As a sharp guy I was about to take off

But my heart was too glued to Ada

Then I knew I was trapped in the salty waters

Sweet but it will kill my past lives

Come to think of it

I never had any girl since her

Told my friends to help me out

They said it’s your cross carry it

But you heard my stories of glories

And wanted to know about new one

Shaken to my bones

All I can see was Ada

Well she gave me my first two boys

And her voice in my head it will be

Because she is always with me

Ada the first woman I really loved.



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