Would it be true that you brought rain?

Is it real that you passed and still reign?

Were you married to him, that great warrior?

My words oh Oya if I see you in your splendor.


I can’t believe you spat fire?

I hope you smiled even if it were for hire?

How did you make the thunder strike and row?

My words oh Sango if I see you after the rainbow.


Were all your things white?

How did it feel to do those great things in white?

How did you live with the others?

My words oh Obatala if I see you in your order.


Were you really his son?

Are you still calm in hot sun?

Do you still speak in parables and songs?

My words oh Orunmila if I see you after the gongs.


Being a blacksmith was hard I think?

Irons to beats and forge even when thick?

Can you really hear and control the irons?

My words oh Ogun when my dance is over with the lions.


How do you do it with it?

Make it soft yet with strength?

How do you live in it, it is cool there?

My words oh Osun when my bath in the trees are no more dear.


Were you really twins?

Do you hate one another even as twins?

Who wears black and who shaves half of his hair?

My words oh Esu Odara and Obita when my swim is over in the air.



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