Rhetoric in My Head


Rhetoric in My Head


This is becoming too much

How long shall we stand like this?

Looking like a well-polished statue

When shall we wake from the endless sleep?

First we had rodents on our budget

And now creepy crawlers

Is it not time we did the needful?

Is it not time we call the animal control?

But wait a minute; do they take us for fools?

Or are we?

Are we still the giant of Africa?

May be just a big fool?

Why are we still at this point?

Who is going to be our messiah now?

Hope a fish won’t swallow an oil vessel next?

Who can wake us now?

Now we strive with ourselves to find a leader

While they smile and watch us like entertainment

Really, aren’t we?

Fools alone rush in, isn’t it?

Oh how shall I clear this pain?

We want that but we only play to their hand

Can God be the judge now?

When we sell our rights for just a bite of the cake


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