The Road to Omoye’s Village

Father told us not run in the dark
But knowing the bush path that’s impossible
Ovire and I where lovers of the dark sky
All work done and stories to be heard

Seems cold tonight Ovire
The silence of the night struck
Is this another joke?
Come out and let’s get home for the moonlight tale

No reply the wind filled my head
It felt like it was floating
I screamed Ovire this is not fun anymore
Please come out let’s go home

Then I saw a lamp coming my way
Father must be looking for me
So I ran to meet him
But the closer I get the further the lamp

Father please wait
It’s just me your son
Then it came to me that I was lost
Now the fear of the dark grips me

The feeling of a warm hand on my shoulder
Are you lost small man?
The sweet angelic voice brought peace
But sound so familiar like Omoye’s

Looking up I saw Omoye
Familiar face! What a relief
Omoye what are you doing here?
I came for you Osagie

Mother sent you?
No I knew you were going to be lost,
Hugged her like my life
Well then, she was all I had

Look, we are not going home
We are going to my village
Don’t worry father, mother and Ovire will join us soon
With much joy and excitation, I stopped to think

Next I saw the Palm Wine trade walk by
Omoye is that not Ani’s father?
Yes he is going to my village too
Everyone is there okay you will be fine

The music I heard was nice but not familiar
I loved it and dance like the spirit to it
Next the four legged cock crowed at night
Omoye four legged cock crowing at night?

Hmmmm you still don’t know that bridge
No why? Should I know it?
Look well and you will see
I see I see no no no no

Yes yes you are in the world between worlds
Just to cross and you are fine
Looking behind me nothing looks real
But no choice than to go with her

That was when I remembered I never met her
She was our mothers first child
She died four day after she was named
And I am the sixth

I am truly a spirit now
I am about to meet my grand fathers
I am no longer the sweet last child
I am no more the smile of the house

Then it all starts to fade
I hear Ovire calling me
My father too
My mother crying aloud

Doctor don’t let him die
He must live, doctor he must
My father’s voice resounding
Ovire’s calling echo in my head

Bright light, again?
Please I want to see my parents
Don’t take away yet, please
Then I sneezed, again and again

Opening my eyes only to behold
The joy in my brothers eyes
My mother cried more saying thank the gods
My father just said, thank the gods for modern Medicine

I had falling on our back home,
Hit my head against a stone,
Bleeding like a water from a broken pie
But rushed to the latest clinic that was commissioned that day.



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