To see your union galvanizes me to do the same,

But no I shall wait for it is no gamble

I shall be in galosh to join in your fame

But won’t be gamma in your home so humble

I pray that each time a gallstone raises it be burnt

That your union shall be a gang of love

That every gannet to put a gantry amidst you be rent to dust

And your gaze of each shall be forever love

This union will induce all heart desires

And the illumination of bigger innovations

All your seeds shall be inoculated against evil admires

On your wall shall be inscribed world motivators

This is no jolly ride

Nor a hot knife and butter journey

You best do the best work inside

The inside job scares away all the cunning foxes

Troubles will come but passes quickly when side by side

And only the fortification of prayer

Can calm and end all storm from every side

Now sleep not for you are father and mother.


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