Omo Alata(Pepper Seller)

Omo Alata (Pepper Seller)

Quickly you are named useless by some

Without second thoughts you are belittled

With striking tongues your mind is numb

By what you have seen to be as society titled


Beyond the name today I saw with difference

A strong fighting warrior, yet young but a conquer

With vision of the spirits, I see with great difference

A person with values even far beyond measure


Every apple in a bag isn’t spoilt

Yet the smell engulfs the fresh ones

Only if the veiled eyes of the rich see where they spat

One lovely, strong beauty as she hawks one step over one


Riches are made from the bushes

No one can go into it and be clean

That’s your world though small still she pushes

Now see her not on the job but in heart be kean


I write in the awe of the attitude we share

I write in the awe of the other side not seen

I write in the amazement of things denied in clear

I write with my head down for your strive I have seen


Young fighter, you are my hero

Your fight is not over, just a little more

Look back you are off the comforts of zero

Little more push and all these will be no more.


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