Thought I lost you



Thought I lost you

The very time I stepped in

The moments before my rest came in

Just before my fleshy back touch the ground

Minutes before my eyes drowns

My sight was caught by you

My beautiful darling you

Lying like a broken queen

Just there like a defiled queen

All ripped apart without mercy

Thorn like rags into pieces for no reason

My heart grieved as it melted

To touch you my eyes relented

Deep from my heart came forth

The fire of agony with aim to hurt

Who made you like this darling?

Why is my jewel on the floor lying?

Picked her and held her close

Then heard her breath and words so loose

You can mend me if you tried

But the pain took me and am tired

Little help from your eyes honey

A lot help from the world only

I found the right will to stand

A last you found me where I stand


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