The sands of time shall carry my tales; even the skies, winds and the water of memories shall know my name. My tales shall a bedtime story for the great minds and the young ones; shall I wait for destiny to make the choices? Oh shall I give time to tell my height? No!! I will take it back and press to give a meaning to it, yes! I will rise and let the moon compete with me, my will shall drive me, I will, wheel so much the world will wish to be like me and at all cost, I will rise even if the star tears drop like rain and rivers turn blood. Hear me all the gods of the lands; hear me Odin, Freya, Thor, Braga, and Loki hear me oh hear me, Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, and Poseidon oh tend your ears to me Valhalla and Olympus the city of the gods, my fame shall raise to you like the sweet smell of the offering made by the highest priests….. Dreams? The time for you is over, now is the time for me to make my impact. Wake Up!!!! No more slumber for me, My Time is Now!!!


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