Sitting on an stretchy chair

Gazing on the scope so fair

Resounding voices of the weakness all over

And the thought of my world will soon be over

Like the movies, I went back to my youth

To see all I did with the eyes of truth

All many question, shall I answer on that day?

Let me know my fate for I don’t know if I shall leave today

Did I fail in my goals of living?

Did I make my word better?

Did I ….. will all my promises?

What if I fail in all, what if?

If I lived the dream, I had?

If I made the impact I wished?

If I kept all my promises

What if I fail in all, what if?

Now I made the mistakes, I did

Now I cut the hands, I did

Now I hurt their hearts, I did

What if I was never forgiven what if?

Yes I blocked all the channels

Yes I want it all, success

Yes I want it all in my way

What if I was hated what if?

What if I never fulfilled my dreams?

What if I never attained my goals?

What if I never made or laid a good example?

What if I never got forgiven what if?

My strength regain, eye cleared

Oh I only was in a trance, I dream

But what if it is true what if?

What if It was my time to wither like a flower?

How many questions can I answer?

How will I meet my creator?

Shall I cry in regret?

Or shall I smile for it is all perfect?



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