• Ariyike stunned when I heard the name Ariyike
    Only for me to see you and wondered how I care
    Stuck to my heart like a leach with it’s teeth
    Far from me but your fragrance will smell even in the pit

Ariyike your beauty can not be measured by your face
Your body shaped like the goddess’s and men crippled in very phase
How can I hold your hands so I can feel your skin
Dark, with bright smiles you make my heart cave in

Ariyike I was told to find the fountain of youth
But your voice, all my virtues to loot
Even if the mountain held you bound
I shall let be my mission so you can be found

Ariyike they call what I feel love
Because all my bravery you dissolve
My feet heavy to move at the sight of you
My love at first glance please give me you

Ariyike hope this letter meets you well
For no reply may lead to me unwell
Forgive my straight talk but I must
I never saw any like you the most

Ariyike I crave for your well shaped body
Please make it lay on my mat even if not worthy
Bear my future and raise my present Ariyike
I Hope you know I care Ariyike



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