I got stung today by vision

It showed me not to chew dreams

I got cut today by mission

It told me how to live dreams

I got beaten today by thought

It made me know where to go

I got saddled today by effort

It helped me realize how to go

It is up to me now if I would

It’s all in my heart now what to do

Still a little voice says if I could

It seems impossible to make waves in what I do

A bigger voice, to me it says

Willing is not enough, move!!

It said, also listen as I say in many ways

Tall, Giants, Big people grow only when the move…




Sitting on an stretchy chair

Gazing on the scope so fair

Resounding voices of the weakness all over

And the thought of my world will soon be over

Like the movies, I went back to my youth

To see all I did with the eyes of truth

All many question, shall I answer on that day?

Let me know my fate for I don’t know if I shall leave today

Did I fail in my goals of living?

Did I make my word better?

Did I ….. will all my promises?

What if I fail in all, what if?

If I lived the dream, I had?

If I made the impact I wished?

If I kept all my promises

What if I fail in all, what if?

Now I made the mistakes, I did

Now I cut the hands, I did

Now I hurt their hearts, I did

What if I was never forgiven what if?

Yes I blocked all the channels

Yes I want it all, success

Yes I want it all in my way

What if I was hated what if?

What if I never fulfilled my dreams?

What if I never attained my goals?

What if I never made or laid a good example?

What if I never got forgiven what if?

My strength regain, eye cleared

Oh I only was in a trance, I dream

But what if it is true what if?

What if It was my time to wither like a flower?

How many questions can I answer?

How will I meet my creator?

Shall I cry in regret?

Or shall I smile for it is all perfect?




From the light you bestow

To the warm breeze you blow

From your heat that smiles

Useful for all even to the Nile

No one can beat you in your way oh celestial

You dimming light every night

To give a sense to sleep tight

Your fluorescent that shows your beat

You don’t fall nor fail, only stand in it

No one can beat you in your way oh celestial

From your twinkling million eyes

Still bounds all sea tides

From your pointing twinkling eyes

Directs the paths of the lost who tries

No one can beat you in your way oh celestial

For the mother who bore you

To the labour for you

For the father who made you

 To the labour to teach you

No one can beat you in your way oh celestial

Sun, moon and stars what a beauty

Clouds to hold you daily what a duty

Perfect smooth routine, not one guilty

Indeed if you close your eyes someday you’ll be a beauty

No one can beat you in your way oh celestial





Simple words, long thoughts, many tears

Painful steers, rainy days, burning hearts

Broken dreams, rocky roads, open wounds

You don’t have to be perfect to be whole

Firing funnels, melting bones, thunder days

Red hot eyes, bursting brains, stormy nights

Broken bones, hilly roads, smoking guns

You don’t have to be perfect to be whole

Dead dreams, broken vessel, cloudy thought

Ranging minds, desperate hearts, falling skies

Windy seas, painful feet, broken edges

You don’t have to be perfect to be whole

Push yourself, see the light, better days

Stay on track, be yourself, be positive

Dreams come through, push hard, stay prepared

You don’t have to be perfect to be whole




The sands of time shall carry my tales; even the skies, winds and the water of memories shall know my name. My tales shall a bedtime story for the great minds and the young ones; shall I wait for destiny to make the choices? Oh shall I give time to tell my height? No!! I will take it back and press to give a meaning to it, yes! I will rise and let the moon compete with me, my will shall drive me, I will, wheel so much the world will wish to be like me and at all cost, I will rise even if the star tears drop like rain and rivers turn blood. Hear me all the gods of the lands; hear me Odin, Freya, Thor, Braga, and Loki hear me oh hear me, Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, and Poseidon oh tend your ears to me Valhalla and Olympus the city of the gods, my fame shall raise to you like the sweet smell of the offering made by the highest priests….. Dreams? The time for you is over, now is the time for me to make my impact. Wake Up!!!! No more slumber for me, My Time is Now!!!

Thought I lost you



Thought I lost you

The very time I stepped in

The moments before my rest came in

Just before my fleshy back touch the ground

Minutes before my eyes drowns

My sight was caught by you

My beautiful darling you

Lying like a broken queen

Just there like a defiled queen

All ripped apart without mercy

Thorn like rags into pieces for no reason

My heart grieved as it melted

To touch you my eyes relented

Deep from my heart came forth

The fire of agony with aim to hurt

Who made you like this darling?

Why is my jewel on the floor lying?

Picked her and held her close

Then heard her breath and words so loose

You can mend me if you tried

But the pain took me and am tired

Little help from your eyes honey

A lot help from the world only

I found the right will to stand

A last you found me where I stand

Epistle of Me (Nigerian): How did we get here?

Epistle of Me (Nigerian): How did we get here?

I am a Nigerian with a name called Nigerian, born with the best values and trained in the best plans, to be refined and revered. I am a symbol of pride and a lion in Africa that’s who I am, yes so I thought when I was taken through the brochure of my great heritage. I am the very three ethnic groups; I am WAZOBIA three different worlds and language made into one Nigeria.

I am a time keeper, lover of peace and advocate of truth; I am revered by the world and honoured by my counterparts. I am just at the west of my continent and near the sea; I am beautiful and lovely to the eyes of all men.

But enough of this biography let’s talk about the real me now. I am always sad when I am asked are you Nigerian? What do I say? What do I reply with? If I say yes then I get words like corruption, fraud, terrorism, unemployment, thief, poverty, third world country, lazy youths and bad governments. If I say no, I am who I am! Am I still the very beautiful mother I was? Am I still the revered country I was? Can I still boost of all I use to now? Am I still the Nigeria I was?

I cry when I sit and reflect on me, when I could step out at night and no fear, days when food were all over and in abundance, times when peace was in all the order, periods when my rain was non-acidic. Now when we speak about me all I hear is “in those days when….”can’t we bring back those days? Can’t we use same tactics? What shall I tell the generations to come after me? How shall I narrate my failure? How shall I make them see that I was once beautiful and now I am a land of almost torment? How did we get to this point? What wrong turn did we go through? How can we get this mud stain off? Nigeria my Nigeria!! Let’s think about it.